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Smarter Inputs.
Stronger Yields.
One Source.

If you're like the hundreds of other farming operations in Indiana and Illinois that are looking for more local expertise, more service and more solutions from their suppliers,
Call the Alternative.

Full Seeds Lineup

Full Seeds Lineup

The best genetics.
The latest trait technologies.

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Ag Chem Products

Ag Chem Products

Comprehensive soil-fertility and
crop-protection programs.

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Crop and Hail Insurance

Crop and Hail Insurance

The policies you need, and the
service you expect.

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Why the Alternative?

At the end of the day, you simply won't find a better partner,
because Alternative Ag Services is:


Local & Independent

Local & Independent

Alternative Ag has access to a wide range of products, along with the applications expertise specifically related to local Indiana and Illinois growing conditions, to provide you with input recommendations that are matched precisely to your farm operation.


Diverse in Our Product Line

Diverse in Our Product Line

Giving you access to all the soil fertility inputs, seed technologies and crop insurance products you need from one source, Alternative Ag allows you to streamline your supply chain and boost your buying power.


Service Oriented & Highly Responsive

Service Oriented &
Highly Responsive

For personal, on-farm consulting, last-minute purchasing, insurance-claim assistance and more, no other supplier can act more quickly to meet your needs.


Flexible Enough to Continually Add Value

Flexible Enough to
Continually Add Value

Alternative Ag is always evolving with grower needs and the technologies that can satisfy them. From soil sampling and mapping, to chemical application, to flyover heat sensing and more, Alternative Ag is always pursuing new ways through which we can increase our value to you.

Seed Opportunity


LG Seeds 2015 Seed Guide

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For a complete LG Seeds Seed guide,
Contact Alternative Ag Indiana

Dairyland Seed® Guide

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For a complete Dairyland Seed® guide,
Contact Alternative Ag Indiana


LG Seeds 2015 Seed Guide

view online

For a complete LG Seeds Seed guide,
Contact Alternative Ag

Chemicals & Fertilizer

Quik Start

A low-salt, seed-safe starter to jumpstart crop growth

  • Safe for use on seed

  • Starts seeds in cold soil

  • Apply in furrow or on foliage

  • Boosts fertilizer efficiency

  • Produces drier grain

  • Increases yield

application: in-furrow (3-5gal/ac) foliar (1gal/ac)
up to +7 bu/ac corn in starter trials

Quik Grow

A smart foliar fertilizer for stronger yields

Enriching sulfur-deficient soils, Quik Grow is a potent nutrient mix that supports strong plant growth and aids in herbicide recovery for better stress-tolerance and improved yield.

  • Regulates growth & promotes health

  • Improves drydown

  • Minimizes herbicide injury (i.e. stunting, puckering, yellowing and necrosis)

  • Increases yield

application: foliar (1 pts/ac)
up to +10 bu/ac corn up to +7 bu/ac soybeans in initial check-strip testing

Crop Protection Solutions

BASF Fungicide Data
For Corn and Soybean Growers

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Crop and Hail Insurance
Indiana location

Simplify your life—and protect your livelihood—by accessing the yield and hail insurance coverage you need, from the single source you already know and trust.

Highly Reputable Carriers

Alternative Ag represents two of the most highly regarded and financially stable names in the industry.

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smarter inputs, stronger yields, one source

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